Pharmaceutical Water Treatment
June 3-4, 2014
Valley Forge (Philadelphia), PA

DoubleTree Hotel

ULTRAPURE WATER--Pharma 2014 is a two-day conference on Pharmaceutical Pure Water. This conference offers an Executive Forum consisting of state-of-the-art technical papers.
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Preliminary Program*

Co-Moderators: Mr. Igor Gorsky, senior consultant, Concordia ValSource
Mr. Joe Manfredi, president, GMP Systems

Tuesday, June 3:  Session 1: Compendial Water System Inspection

State of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries
Speaker to be Announced
Pharmaceutical Water Validation and cGMP Requirements
Anita Michael, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
PDA’s Perspective on Water Treatment for Parenteral Drugs
Igor Gorsky, Concordia ValSource
Updates to the ISPE’s Guide on Critical Utilities
Nissan Cohen, Rohrback Cosasco Systems, Inc.
Improving Productivity with TOC in Unexpected Ways
Jonathan Yourkin, GE Instruments
SI Traceability Conductivity To Verify Purity of Pharmaceutical Water
Steffen Seitz, Ph.D., and Petra Spitzer, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Germany); and Pascal Rajagopalan and Daniel Darbouret, Ph.D., Merck-Millipore (France)
Advanced Pharmaceutical Ingredient Removal from Wastewater
Gregory Claffey, Xylem
Water Balance in Pharmaceutical Facilities and its Impact on Wastewater
Don Keer, P.E., Esq., Duff Co.
How to Determine Limits to Initiate Derouging and Passivation for 316L SS Piping and Vessels
Nissan Cohen, Rohrback Cosasco Systems, Inc.

Wednesday, June 4: Session 2: Microbial Control in Purified Water Systems

ISPE Perspective on Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Concerns
Speaker to be Announced
Establishing and Maintaining Microbial Purity in Pharmaceutical Water Systems—Proven and Emerging Technologies
Edward Helmig, The Water Division of ARCADIS, Merck Water Portfolio Program, King of Prussia, Pa.
Advantages of Recirculating Lab Faucets to Control Point of Use Microbial Contamination
John Wammes, Water Works, Inc., Tom Sixsmith and Paul Galvin, Georg Fischer Piping Systems, and Marty Burkhart, Hi PureTech, Inc.
Electropositive Diatomaceous Earth Applications for Use in Pharmaceutical Water Treatment
Leonid Kaledin, Fred Tepper, Argonide Corp.
Microbial Control in Purified Water Systems as Result of Good Manufacturing Practices
Paolo Leani and Paolo Curtó, Stilmas S.p.A. (Italy)
Maintaining Microbial Control in Purified Water Systems
Joseph Smith, Agape Water Solutions, Inc.; Todd Johnson, Merck
Monitoring Disinfectant Residuals in Pharmaceutical Water Systems
Randy Turner, Swan Analytical USA; and Roger Schmid, Swan Analytical (Switzerland)

*Note: This is a listing of planned papers and does not reflect presentation order. Additional presentations may be added to the program. For updates and registration information, visit

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Tabletop Exhibits:
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