Industrial Water Treatment Magazine, Volume 31 Number 5, (September/October 2014)

IWT magazine is a bi-monthly on-line publication devoted to the technology of water treatment for the Petrochemicals, Electric Power, Oil/Gas Production, and Seawater Desalination industries.

Highlights from this issue include:

The Waterside: Membranes — A Workhorse in Today's Industrial Plant
Mike Henley

Boilers: The Use of a Metal Passivation Additive to Eliminate Oxygen Scavenger in a Mixed-Alloy System
Bill Boyd and Dave Clifton

Wastewater: A Pilot Demonstration of Spray Dryer Evaporation for Treating Power Plant FGD Wastewater
Xinjun (Jason) Teng, Robert Strange, Bruce Easom and Jonathan Allen

Membranes: RO Element Replacement Strategy for a Large-Scale Southern California Water Reuse Facility
Tom Knoell

Conservation: Optimization of an All-Membrane Zero Liquid Discharge System at Los Alamos National Laboratories
Stanley R. Karrs, P.E. and Paul Parker, P.E.

 Power Plant Water/Steam Issues Update
Brad Buecker

Ultrapure Water for Microelectronics Conference

Phoenix, AZ | 2-3 December 2014 This event explores the latest trends in the UPW industry. Expert speakers will explain the latest technologies and their applications, and provide new insights from the end-user perspective. We look at the latest innovations in design and metrology and also find out how to keep costs to a minimum.

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